Training Courses

Program designed for beverage importers and/or distributors who are in need of wine and spirits knowledge in order to better present their products, as well as for individuals who want to know more about wine, spirits and sake. We provide thematic masterclasses for following occassions:

Professional exhibitions

Corporate training: 1-3 days

Corporate clubs or internal communication activities

After-work masterclasses for individual amateurs

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Program designed for both amateurs and professionals, who want to obtain internationally recognized accreditations such as WSET, FWS, or certifications accredited by viticulture regions, for purposes of career development or self-development. We have experienced tutors, interactive teaching methods, effective learning tools as well as comprehensive study materials which help students achieve excellent marks.

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Program designed for the hospitality division, hotels, restaurants, wine bars and wine shops who want to improve their staff competence in beverage selection, knowledge, appreciation and services. We also provide sommelier related training courses to enhance sommelier manners, marketing and sales techniques of beverage.

  • On-premise training: 1-4 days
  • Standard training sessions in
    • Wine and spirits appreciation – 1 day
    • Sommelier manners and services – 1 day
    • Beverage selection and sourcing management – 1 day
    • Sales techniques for beverage – 1 day
  • Customized training courses

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