It was during the visits to wineries that we were inspired to create Winoledge.

When conversing with many wine producers, we identified a real need:

As much as they produce decent wines, they struggle to get their wines known by customers.

As much as they want to develop export markets, they meet difficulties with culture barriers, trade complications, and uncertainties caused by distance.

As much as they want to introduce wines to each of their customers, they are limited by time and energy to be everywhere.

After much thought and discussion, we find that we can bring their craft to a wider audience. And we are doing it now!

Winoledge brings experienced professionals from the wine and spirits industry, and provides consulting services to wineries, hospitality partners and trade professionals. We also offer wine and spirits training programs to individuals and professionals.


We believe in the power of community, which links different cultures beyond country boundaries. We bring together business partners from different cultures, enable free exchange of ideas, and share common success.

We work with gratitude. We insist on sincere and frank communication which enable us to obtain mutual trust and respect with our partners. We hope to create a valuable business environment for our team and partners.



We believe in the human mind, which breeds all innovations. With global vision, business acumen and agile action, we are able to think out of the box to offer innovative solutions to our partners. We start small and adapt all along our way to achieve big.

Authenticity is the foundation of a long-term partnership. We meet challenges by being sincere, reliable, open and inclusive and by providing quality services.


Zita Hu, a wine enthusiast, blogger, and entrepreneur who loves sharing her passion.

In 2018, Zita left the CAC40 company where she had worked for many years, and started her wine journey in Burgundy, a mecca of wine lovers. Soon after the enrollment of the MBA program of the Burgundy School of Business, she founded Winoledge, turning her dream into action.

Today, as a holder of multiple internationally recognized wine, spirits and saké certifications such as WSET and FWS, she is active in the field of education and trade consulting business.